Shadowmare is an South Portugal metal band. That is born from the junction of members of several Bands of the Algarve scene. From the extinct Deathland and Stronger Device to the Sarcastic Mind, they all come together to bring this new project to life.

The band was created in mid-2015, continuing to follow the metal scene of the area. Along with so many other important bands from the Algarve scene.

The idea of forming the “Shadowmare” arose from the head of Bruno Miguel (Deathland, Stronger Device). In creating a new project, after the extinction of its old bands. After a stop a few years to him joined Nuno Cristóvão an old friend with whom he had played in Deathland and Jorge Assunção with whom he had shared the Stronger Device. Coming soon and immediately let the vocal parts and guitars assured. With the trio of the guaranteed front remained to find the rhythm section. In the recruit appeared on the table the name of the rookie Flávio Torres, a young drummer who started these days his way in garage bands. With the places of vocalist, guitarists and drummer filled, the attentions turned in the search for the fifth and last element. After some contacts, the name of a longtime friend came up. George Alva Rosa with whom Bruno and Jorge had played in Stronger Device and other side projects.

The Shadowmare closed down immediately in the rehearsal room to work on composing new material. Coming to compose enough material to be able to record and start their live performances.

They practice a mix of styles within the Metal scene. From Death, Melodic, Technical to Thrash and Speed Metal.

In early 2016 they went into the studio to record a small EP with 3 songs. “From Hell to the Future” was recorded and mixed by Tião Costa (Prayers Of Sanity) and mastered by Dalma Productions (Miguel Carvalho)

At the end of 2016 they saw their vocalist “Bruno Miguel” member and founder of the Shadowmare to abandon their position in the band, for personal reasons. Thus came the longtime friend and novice João Infante ensure the vocal parts and Frontman.

In late 2017 they entered the studio to record the long-lasting work with 10 songs. “Shades of the Untold” was recorded and mixed by Rok Solid Productions (Tião Costa) and mastered by DemigodRecordings (Miguel Tereso).

In January 2019, they released their first Album “Shades of the Untold”!

At the end of the year 2019, they made their first tour outside of Portugal! Germany Tour.

On 02/03/2020 they released their first Videoclip (Mirrors Nightmare).



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  1. Future Hell Shadowmare 7:03
  2. Doomline Shadowmare 5:58
  3. Beneath the Deadly Cold Shadowmare 5:56
  4. The Oblivion City Shadowmare 6:44
  5. Mirrors Nightmare Shadowmare 5:23
  6. The Mad Executioner Shadowmare 5:35
  7. Blend in Darkness Shadowmare 5:44
  8. Darkstoned Wall Shadowmare 6:26
  9. The Blackened Road Shadowmare 4:46
  10. Absolute Order Shadowmare 8:19
  1. Future Hell Shadowmare 6:43
  2. The Mad Executioner Shadowmare 5:37
  3. The Oblivion City Shadowmare 6:57